Writing as Historical Practice

A History & Theory Workshop

May 18-19, 2017

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

123 Buttrick Hall


Presenters and Commentators

David Carr, Emory University / Reflections on Temporal Perspective
Commentator: Gabrielle Spiegel, Johns Hopkins University

Joshua Kates, Indiana University Bloomington / The Roots of History: Gadamer’s Tradition in Some Contemporary Contexts
Commentator: Lisa Guenther, Queen's University

Nancy Rose HuntUniversity of Florida / Near and Far, Lines and Form
Commentator: Stefan HelgessonUniversity of Stockholm

Jaume (Santi) Aurell, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona / Writing beyond Time:The Durability of Historical Texts
Commentator: Hans KellnerNorth Carolina State University

David Lurie, Columbia University / Parables and Allegories: Premodern and Modern Historiographies of the Origins of Writing
Commentator: Reginald Jackson, University of Michigan

Tyler Williams, University of Chicago /  If the whole world were paper…” A History of Writing in the North Indian Vernacular
Commentator: Samira SheikhVanderbilt University

Matthew Eddy, Durham University, UK / Thinking with Pen and Paper, Notekeepers as Artificers, Notebooks as Artefacts
Commentator: Jonathan LambVanderbilt University

Rosalind Morris, Columbia University / Shadow and Impress: Writing History in the Space of South Africa's Deindustrialization
Commentator: Maya JasanoffHarvard University


Workshop Hotel: Loews Vanderbilt, 2100 West End 

Conference Convener: Laura StarkAssociate Editor of History & Theory 

Workshop Coordinator: E. Kyle Romero