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DECEMBER 1986, BEIHEFT 25 || Top || To Theme Issues List

Knowing and Telling History: The Anglo-Saxon Debate 

F. R. ANKERSMIT, The Dilemma of Contemporary Anglo-Saxon Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR

FREDERICK A. OLAFSON, Hermeneutics: "Analytical" and "Dialectical" || abstract || JSTOR

MURRAY G. MURPHEY, Explanation, Causes, and Covering Laws || abstract || JSTOR

L. B. CEBIK, Understanding Narrative Theory || abstract || JSTOR

LEON J. GOLDSTEIN, Impediments to Epistemology in the Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1986 || Top


ADRIAN KUZMINSKI, Archetypes and Paradigms: History, Politics, and Persons || abstract || JSTOR

GEOFFREY WAITE, Lenin in Las Meninas: An Essay in Historical -Materialist Vision || abstract || JSTOR

PETER H. REILL, Narration and Structure in Late Eighteenth-Century Historical Thought || abstract || JSTOR

RICHARD A. MCNEAL, Protagoras the Historian || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

HERTA NAGL-DOCEKAL and FRANZ WIMMER, eds., Neue Ansätze in der Geschichtswissenschaft (Robert Anchor) || JSTOR

C. BEHAN MCCULLAGH, Justifying Historical Descriptions (William H. Dray) || JSTOR

A. G. DICKENS and JOHN M. TONKIN, The Reformation in Historical Thought (G. R. Elton) || JSTOR

DAVID BOUCHER, Texts in Context. Revisionist Methods for Studying the History of Ideas (Peter L. Janssen) || JSTOR

MAY 1986 || Top


DAVID CARR, Narrative and the Real World: An Argument for Continuity || abstract || JSTOR

KERRY H. WHITESIDE, Perspectivism and Historical Objectivity: Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Covert Debate with Raymond Aron || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN LOVE, Max Weber and the Theory of Ancient Capitalism || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE MAKDISI, The Diary in Islamic Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

PHILIP POMPER, The Structure of Mind in History. Five Major Figures in Psychohistory (Patrick H. Hutton) || JSTOR

LEON POMPA and W. H. DRAY, eds., Substance and Form in History. A Collection of Essays in Philosophy of History (Dale H. Porter) || JSTOR

MICHAEL ANN HOLLY, Panofsky and the Foundations of Art History (Stephen Bann) || JSTOR

RICHARD RORTY, J. B. SCHNEEWIND, and QUENTIN SKINNER, eds., Philosophy in History (Jonathan Rée) || JSTOR

ANTHONY F. RUSSELL, Logic, Philosophy, and History. A Study in the Philosophy of History Based on the Work of R. G. Collingwood (Eugene O. Golob) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1986 || Top


ELISABETH YOUNG-BRUEHL, What Thucydides Saw || abstract || JSTOR

LARRY SHINER, Writing and Political Carnival in Tocqueville's Recollections || abstract || JSTOR

LIONEL GOSSMAN, The Boundaries of the City: A Nineteenth-Century Essay on "The Limits of Historical Knowledge" || abstract || JSTOR

KENNETH S. SACKS, The Meaning of Eunapius' History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MICHAEL ALLEN GILLESPIE, Hegel, Heidegger, and the Ground of History (Frederick A. Olafson) || JSTOR

MARCEL DETIENNE, L'Invention de la mythologie (Elizabeth G. Traube) || JSTOR

ROBERT J. RUBANOWICE, Crisis in Consciousness. The Thought of Ernst Troeltsch; Ernst Troeltsch Bibliographie; Troeltsch Studien, Volume 1; Troeltsch-Studien, Volume 3 (Harry Liebersohn) || JSTOR

W. ROBERT CONNOR, Thucydides (Daniel P. Tompkins) || JSTOR

SUZANNE GEARHART, The Open Boundary of History and Fiction. A Critical Approach to the French Enlightenment (Bonnie G. Smith) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1985, BEIHEFT 24 || Top || To Theme Issues List



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OCTOBER 1985 || Top


JÖRN RÜSEN, Jacob Burckhardt: Political Standpoint and Historical Insight on the Border of Post-Modernism || abstract || JSTOR

GAYATRI CHAKRAVORTY SPIVAK, The Rani of Sirmur: An Essay in Reading the Archives || abstract || JSTOR

HANS JAEGER, Generations in History || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL ROTH, A Problem of Recognition: Alexandre Kojève and the End of History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

STEPHEN BANN, The Clothing of Clio. A Study of the Representation of History in the Nineteenth Century (Linda Orr) || JSTOR

HISTORY AND THEORY, Beiheft 22. The Philosophy of History Teaching (Jurgen Herbst) || JSTOR

MARTIN JAY, Marxism and Totality, Adorno, and Permanent Exiles (Barry Katz) || JSTOR

MAY 1985 || Top


PETER L. JANSSEN, Political Thought as Traditionary Action: The Critical Response to Skinner and Pocock || abstract || JSTOR

J. J. DRYDYK, Who Is Fooled by the "Cunning of Reason"? || abstract || JSTOR

ZACHARY SAYRE SCHIFFMAN, Renaissance Historicism Reconsidered || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

HANS BLUMENBERG, The Legitimacy of the Modern Age (Martin Jay) || JSTOR

REINHARD BENDIX, Force, Fate and Freedom. On Historical Sociology (Guenther Roth) || JSTOR

THOMAS NIPPERDEY, Deutsche Geschichte 1800-1866. Bürgerwelt und stärker Staat (Irmline Veit-Brause) || JSTOR

JOHN OWEN K ING III, The Iron of Melancholy. Structures of Spiritual Conversion in America from the Puritan Conscience to Victorian Neurosis (Bruce Mazlish) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1985 || Top


DONALD N. MCCLOSKEY, The Problem of Audience in Historical Economics: Rhetorical Thoughts on a Text by Robert Fogel || abstract || JSTOR

J. N. HILLGARTH, Spanish Historiography and Iberian Reality || abstract || JSTOR

MARVIN LEVICH, Interpretation in History: Or What Historians Do and Philosophers Say || abstract || JSTOR

ANDRUS PORK, Assessing Relative Causal Importance in History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ANDREW BARD SCHMOOKLER, The Parable of the Tribes. The Problem of Power in Social Evolution (Philip Pomper) || JSTOR

ANTHONY GRAFTON, Joseph Scaliger, A Study in the History of Classical Scholarship. Vol. 1: Textual Criticism and Exegesis (Donald R. Kelley) || JSTOR

JEFFREY C. ALEXANDER, Theoretical Logic in Sociology. Vol. 1: Positivism, Presuppositions, and Current Controversies (Jonathan M. Wiener) || JSTOR

JÖRN RÜSEN, Historisch Vernunft (Peter Munz) || JSTOR

JOHN KENYON, The History Men. The Historical Profession in England since the Renaissance (Christopher Parker) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1984, BEIHEFT 23 || Top || To Theme Issues List


1975-1977: ADDENDA

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OCTOBER 1984 || Top


LELAN MCLEMORE, Max Weber's Defense of Historical Inquiry || abstract || JSTOR

DOMINICK LACAPRA, Is Everyone a Mentalité Case? Transference and the "Culture" Concept || abstract || JSTOR

ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO, Georges Dumézil and the Trifunctional Approach to Roman Civilization || abstract || JSTOR

HORST WALTER BLANKE, DIRK FLEISCHER, and JÖRN RÜSEN, Theory of History in Historical Lectures: The German Tradition of Historik, 1750-1900 || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

PAUL RICOEUR, Temps et récit. Tome I (David Carr) || JSTOR

KARL CHRIST, Romische Geschichte und deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft (G. W. Bowersock) || JSTOR

PHILIP ABRAMS, Historical Sociology (Sigmund Diamond) || JSTOR

F. R. ANKERSMIT, Narrative Logic. A Semantic Analysis of the Historian's Language (C. Behan McCullagh) || JSTOR

MAY 1984 || Top


JOHN PATRICK DIGGINS, The Oyster and the Pearl: The Problem of Contextualism in Intellectual History || abstract || JSTOR

JAN GOLDSTEIN, Foucault among the Sociologists: The "Disciplines" and the History of the Professions || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID BOUCHER, The Creation of the Past: British Idealism and Michael Oakeshott's Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM H. SHAW, Marx and Morgan || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

DOMINICK LACAPRA and STEVEN L. KAPLAN, eds., Modern European Intellectual History. Reappraisals and New Perspectives (William J. Bouwsma) || JSTOR

JOHN PUTNAM DEMOS, Entertaining Satan. Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England (Philip Greven, Jr.) || JSTOR

VIRGINIA HUNTER, Past and Process in Herodotus and Thucydides (Hunter R. Rawlings III) || JSTOR

DAVID FRISBY, Sociological Impressionism. A Reassessment of Georg Simmel's Social Theory (Harry Liebersohn) || JSTOR

EMMANUEL LE ROY LADURIE, Love, Death and Money in the Pays d'Oc (Hope Glidden) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1984 || Top


HAYDEN WHITE, The Question of Narrative in Contemporary Historical Theory || abstract || JSTOR

PETER KNAPP, Can Social Theory Escape from History? Views of History in Social Science || abstract || JSTOR

WOLFGANG VON LEYDEN, Categories of Historical Understanding || abstract || JSTOR

ULYSSES SANTAMARIA and ANNE M. BAILEY, A Note on Braudel's Structure as Duration || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

HUBERT L. DREYFUS and PAUL RABINOW, Michel Foucault. Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics (Peter Kemp) || JSTOR

ANTONIA GRANSDEN, Historical Writing in England II. c. 1307 to the Early Sixteenth Century (V. H. H. Green) || JSTOR

J. L. GORMAN, The Expression of Historical Knowledge (Peter Skagestad) || JSTOR

JOHN WILLIAM MILLER, The Philosophy of History with Reflections and Aphorisms (Stephen Tynan) || JSTOR

OREST RANUM, Artisans of Glory. Writers and Historical Thought in Seventeenth-Century France (George Huppert) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1983, BEIHEFT 22 || Top || To Theme Issues List

The Philosophy of History Teaching

DENIS SHEMILT, The Devil's Locomotive || abstract || JSTOR

P. J. LEE, History Teaching and Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID STOCKLEY, Empathetic Reconstruction in History and History Teaching || abstract || JSTOR

KIERAN EGAN, Accumulating History || abstract || JSTOR

JAMES FITZGERALD, History in the Curriculum: Debate on Aims and Values || abstract || JSTOR

M. B. BOOTH, Skills, Concepts, and Attitudes: The Development of Adolescent Children's Historical Thinking || abstract || JSTOR

FRANCES BLOW, A Note on Computers, the Counterfactual, and Causation || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1983 || Top


JAMES SMITH ALLEN, History and the Novel: Mentalité || abstract || JSTOR

WILLEM A. DEVRIES, Meaning and Interpretation in History || abstract || JSTOR

WILDA C. ANDERSON, Dispensing with the Fixed Point: Scientific Law as Historical Event || abstract || JSTOR

SUZANNE FLEISCHMAN, On the Representation of History and Fiction in the Middle Ages || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

EERO N. LOONE, Sovremennaia filosofiia istorii (James P. Scanlan) || JSTOR

KURT KLUXEN, Vorlesungen zur Geschichtstheorie Il (John L. Herkless) || JSTOR

MARIE-ROSE LOGAN and JOHN F. LOGAN, eds., Rethinking History (Annette Lavers) || JSTOR

MAY 1983 || Top


ROBERT ANCHOR, Realism and Ideology: The Question of Order || abstract || JSTOR

CHRISTOPHER PARKER, English Historians and the Opposition to Positivism || abstract || JSTOR

ROBERT J. TRISTRAM, Explanation in the New Science: On Vico's Contribution to Scientific Sociohistorical Thought || abstract || JSTOR

Review of Reviews:

ROBERT HARDING, Pierre Goubert's Beauvais et le beauvaisis: An Historian "Parmi les hommes" || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

LIONEL GOSSMAN, The Empire Unpossess'd. An Essay on Gibbon's Decline and Fall (Stephen Bann) || JSTOR

CHARLES TILLY, As Sociology Meets History (George A. Kelly) || JSTOR

ERIC COCHRANE, Historians and Historiography in the Italian Renaissance (Samuel Cohn, Jr.) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1983 || Top


MICHAEL GORDY, Reading Althusser: Time and the Social Whole || abstract || JSTOR

LUCIANO CANFORA, Analogie et histoire || abstract || JSTOR

GABRIELLE M. SPIEGEL, Genealogy: Form and Function in Medieval Historical Narrative || abstract || JSTOR

KENNETH J. DOVER, Thucydides "As History" and "As Literature" || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

GENE WISE, American Historical Explanations. A Strategy for Grounded Inquiry (Paul F. Bourke) || JSTOR

BERND FAULENBACH, Ideologie des deutschen Weges. Die deutsche Geschichte in der Historiographie zwischen Kaiserreich und Nationalsozialismus and KARL HEINZ METZ, Grundformen historiographischen Denkens. Wissenschaftsgeschichte als Methodologie (Georg G. Iggers) || JSTOR

DALE H. PORTER, The Emergence of the Past. A Theory of Historical Explanation (George Allan) || JSTOR

E. A. WRIGLEY and R. S. SCHOFIELD, The Population History of England, 1541-1871. A Reconstruction (Katherine A. Lynch) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1982, BEIHEFT 21 || Top || To Theme Issues List

New Paths of Classicism in the Nineteenth Century, by Arnaldo Momigliano

Niebuhr and the Agrarian Problems of Rome || abstract || JSTOR

From Mommsen to Max Weber || abstract || JSTOR

Hermann Usener || abstract || JSTOR

Religious History without Frontiers: J. Wellhausen, U. Wilamowitz, and E. Schwartz || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1982 || Top


FRIEDRICH RAPP, Structural Models in Historical Writing: The Determinants of Technological Development during the Industrial Revolution || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL J. MACLEAN, Johann Gustav Droysen and the Development of Historical Hermeneutics || abstract || JSTOR

SHAYE J. D. COHEN, Josephus, Jeremiah, and Polybius || abstract || JSTOR

LARRY SHINER, Reading Foucault: Anti-Method and the Genealogy of Power-Knowledge || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

PHILIPPE ARIÈS, The Hour of Our Death (James P. Carse) || JSTOR

DAVID J. ROTHMAN and STANTON WHEELER, eds., Social History and Social Policy (James M. Banner, Jr.) || JSTOR

H. U. GUMBRECHT, R. REICHARDT, and T. SCHLEICH, eds., Sozialgeschichte der Aufklärung in Frankreich (Robert Anchor) || JSTOR

PETER J. OPITZ and GREGOR SEBBA, eds., The Philosophy of Order. Essays on History, Consciousness and Politics and EUGENE WEBB, Eric Voegelin. Philosopher of History (John H. Hallowell) || JSTOR

MAY 1982 || Top


GARY SHAPIRO, Nietzsche contra Renan || abstract || JSTOR

MICHEL-MARIE DUFEIL, Histoire classique, histoire critique || abstract || JSTOR

CHRISTOPHER J. BERRY, Hume on Rationality in History and Social Life || abstract || JSTOR

WARREN SCHMAUS, A Reappraisal of Comte's Three-State Law || abstract || JSTOR

W. PAUL VOGT, Identifying Scholarly and Intellectual Communities: A Note on French Philosophy, 1900-1939 || abstract || JSTOR

Review of Reviews:

RICHARD T. VANN, The Youth of Centuries of Childhood || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MICHAEL FRIED, Absorption and Theatricality. Painting and Beholder in the Age of Diderot (Georges May) || JSTOR

JOHN DUNN, Political Obligation in Its Historical Context (Alan Ryan) || JSTOR

CUSHING STROUT, The Veracious Imagination. Essays on American History, Literature, and Biography (Alvin C. Kibel) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1982 || Top


NORMAN ETHERINGTON, Reconsidering Theories of Imperialism || abstract || JSTOR

GORDON GRAHAM, Can There Be History of Philosophy? || abstract || JSTOR

RAYMOND MARTIN, Causes, Conditions, and Causal Importance || abstract || JSTOR

LEON CHAI, Remarks on the Development of Theoretical Structure in Nineteenth-Century Thought || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

FREDRIC JAMESON, The Political Unconscious. Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act (Dominick LaCapra) || JSTOR

HAROLD W. WARDMAN, Renan. historien philosophe (Lionel Gossman) || JSTOR

ILSE N. BULHOF, Wilhelm Dilthey. A Hermeneutic Approach to the Study of History and Culture (Howard N. Tuttle) || JSTOR

E. P. THOMPSON, The Poverty of Theory (Henry Abelove) || JSTOR

MYRNA CHASE, Elie Halévy. An Intellectual Biography (Peter Stansky) || JSTOR